Thursday, July 11, 2013

Before and After: Front Hall

As mentioned last week, I'm planning to share some "before and after" posts from around the apartment once a week for the next few weeks. Last week was the living room, this week is the front hall. This is a small space with an absurd number of doors/doorways (seven) that I decided to start making over about a year ago.

As it used to be, looking from the front door toward the kitchen:

And looking back toward the front door:

And now:

Projects included:
Installing board-and-batten and painting the walls Robin's Egg Blue
Installing hooks on the closet door for hanging purses, etc (visible in the first photo)
Making a chandelier out of popsicle sticks
Adding a shoe cabinet
Sewing new curtains for the front door window (which is totally blown out in these photos, sorry)
Stripping layers of paint off of the old brass door stop (bottom photo) by soaking it in boiling water
Purchasing four prints from a favorite artist on Etsy and putting them in frames I painted white

It's so much cheerier now, a much better space to see first thing when you enter and last thing when you leave.


  1. I love the board-and-batten, narrow cabinet (which compliments the mirror wonderfully btw) and row of prints... everything is just gorgeous. Awesome job! :)