Sunday, April 13, 2014


Recently a few friends and I started a craft group, where we get together every month or so at one person's apartment to do a craft project. The host picks the craft and buys the supplies, which need to cost $10 or less per person. We've begun to call them "crafternoons," since who doesn't love a good portmanteau?

I hosted our first gathering in February, and we stenciled canvas bags similar to the one I made Sam's stepsister for Christmas (full tutorial here). This time I stenciled on both sides of the bag:

Yes, I realize I was getting a little ahead of myself with my new monogram (STR, for after I change my name from Sage Emily Elizabeth Trombulak to Sage Trombulak Ruth). But since I plan on using the bag well into the future, I figured it was worth it for the next few months of mild awkwardness. Deciding to change my last name was a difficult choice, but now that I've made it I've totally embraced it and am charging headlong into the future.

At our second crafternoon, we decorated ceramic mugs using stickers, ceramic paint pens, and plain white mugs. There are a million ways to decorate a mug using these supplies, but our host, Molly, suggested a technique where you apply a sticker, use the pen to mark dots all around it, and then peel it away to leave the negative space of the letter. Here's where we ended up:

We each experimented with different color schemes, and I think they all turned out awesome in their own way. Here are some additional photos of mine, which is in the very back in the above photo:

I got some smudging that I didn't like when I first did the stickers on the sides, so I covered up the negative space with more dots to just create a colorful dot explosion on each side. Then in the spirit of experimentation, I made a small 's' on the back under the handle. Molly discovered that you can use your nails to scrape away any smudges once they've dried, so it's actually pretty easy to clean up any mistakes.

Once we were done, we just baked the mugs in the oven for 30 minutes to cure them -- supposedly they're dishwasher safe, so we shall see!