Saturday, January 28, 2012

A blog

I've been toying with the idea of starting a blog - my life isn't all that captivating (work, goof around with Sam and the cat, try to fit in some exercise, work some more, repeat), but a few people have suggested they'd enjoy reading more about my various apartment-related projects. I have to admit, the idea is appealing...getting to talk about my DIY undertakings without actually having to invite anyone over to my apartment? Yes please.

So in any case, I'm giving this a go. I'm not actually sure there will be any big new projects in the near future (my upcoming weekends are looking pretty busy and I just wrapped up a few bigger things), but I thought in the meantime I might populate the blog with some write-ups of past projects. I've already added a few (dated chronologically around the time I did the projects), and will plan to add a handful more pretty soon (note: I did a pretty bad job taking "in-progress" photos of past projects because I didn't have any idea I'd have a reason/venue to share photos later, but going forward I'll try to do better). So stay tuned, faithful readers. [You may notice that I write this as though there are lots of people eagerly following my every move - unfortunately I've learned all about blogging from reading the blogs of people who actually do it for a living and do have lots of people eagerly following their every move, me included, so that's the tone of confidence I'm going to adopt.]

Fair warning upfront: I don't have any actual design experience or skills, nor am I a particularly creative person. BUT, I am a very savvy operator of the internet, so the creative genius of many other people is literally at my fingertips. A big thank you to all the folks out there who have inspired me with such smart and beautiful ideas!