Monday, July 8, 2013

First world (animal) problems

Let me just start by saying that I love fridge magnets, they're one of the few random paraphernalia/souvenirs/mementos that actually seem to be quite useful and never feel like clutter (unlike, for instance, snow globes, figurines, and other similar tchotchkes). And yet we never seem to have enough to hold up the various photos, menus, postcards, etc that adorn our fridge. So when I found out that I could get some new much-needed magnets, use a 25% off coupon that came in the by email, AND support the artistry of my future brother-in-law Isaac, I jumped at the chance.

Let's back up a second. Isaac is Sam's younger brother, and is a tremendously talented artist, filmmaker, screenwriter, etc. Like many artsy types, it seems like his mind is always bursting with creative ideas that mere mortals like myself could never dream of. One such manifestation is a recent series of drawings called "Misfortunate Animals," which is a hilarious and quirky collection of animals experiencing quotidian (but human) challenges unique to their species. For instance, this drawing entitled "Olivia always loses one sock in the dryer."

Or this one, created in front of my very eyes while we were hanging out in PA this weekend:

A little while ago, Isaac submitted some of the drawings to Cafe Press, which is an online website that takes existing art and prints it on apparel and an assortment of other things like mugs, post-its, bags, etc. The artist receives a small commission every time someone purchases an item with their art on it, but they don't have to deal with any of the merchandising hassle themselves (like they would if they wanted to sell things on Etsy, for instance).

Anyway, I recently got an email offering a 25% of coupon at Cafe Press via some random runners newsletter I'm signed up for, and I remembered that I'd been meaning to buy some of Isaac's work. So I went to his "shop" on Cafe Press, which is where all of his artwork is aggregated: Then I picked out a few of my favorite drawings, and ordered them as magnets. Without further ado, I give you Harriet, Freddie, and Terence:

Isaac has many more that aren't yet on Cafe Press, and is always taking suggestions for new animals that people would like to see memorialized in a drawing. So if you have a favorite animal, let me know and I can share it with him!

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