Saturday, July 21, 2012

Check-list check-in

This week was my last full week in Boston before starting school! I don't actually start until August 19, but beginning next Thursday I've got some fun adventures planned that will take me away from my home sweet home. Sam and I will be in upstate New York with his mom, stepdad, and siblings from July 26th - August 3rd, then we're home for 12 hours before heading to Chicago for a wedding, and then straight from Chicago I'm flying to Alaska for a week to see one of my best friends who is living there this summer. By the time I return, it will be August 13 and I'll be starting classes in a mere 6 days!

I don't expect to have much internet access on my travels, so I won't be updating the blog very much (plus, I won't be working on home projects to post about!). Maybe I'll share a few pictures of our adventuring, though. In the meantime, I wanted to revisit my summer goals list and see where things stand as I head into my last few days of pre-MBA Boston freedom. So, without further ado:

make a floor cloth (like the one in the hallway, but bigger) [Supplies procured, and this is top of the list to tackle in the next few days!]
paint! not sure yet what color... [I decided not to do this one, but instead I did some accessorizing to make the retro color scheme look a little more intentional...]
sew a curtain for the back door (which we can hang up during the winter, to help make things less drafty)
new light fixture

living room:
new* tv stand, with more storage and color! [I love it! See it here.]
be on the lookout for a new coffee table [I have a totally genius/crazy plan to transform the current coffee table, but need to take a trip to Home Depot to procure some lumber so this may not happen before the summer is out.]

upholster headboard [Decided not to do after swapping out curtains]
replace ceiling fan light fixture [Still haven't figured out what to do on this front after failing here, but I have a few ideas. Must do before leaving for my travels, it's too ugly to make Sam suffer with it while I'm frolicking in the wilds of Alaska.]
lengthen bedroom curtains [Accomplished, by virtue of new curtains!]
expand gallery wall [Here!]
add some more color somehow? [Man, the new curtains really did triple duty on the goals list]

new light fixture (chandelier or pendant style) [Check!]
console table [Still on the lookout for the right one!]
organize hall closets [I'm calling this one accomplished, or as accomplished as possible given our space constraints. I donated some things to Goodwill and did some rearranging to make things more organized -- and it allowed me to claim a whole additional shelf for my crafts supplies in in the "linen" closet -- but I have a feeling that retrieving my suitcase from the back of the coat closet will always be a temper-tantrum-inducing event.]

paint built-in cabinet
remove defunct ethernet outlets [After tinkering with them I decided it wasn't a good idea since I'm not in the best position to judge what's "defunct" and what's just "Sage and Sam don't use but future tenant may need" -- so I decided that they're unobjectionable enough to be left alone. Let's face it, it's not really my right to go around ripping out cords from walls -- as much as I change things around here, I never do anything that isn't 100% reversible.]
organize my new filing cabinet! [Yesiree, and I quite enjoyed myself. There are a few photos below for those who are curious.]

So from the original goals list, I'm left with:
kitchen floor cloth
curtain for back door
new kitchen light fixture
coffee table makeover
deal with bedroom light fixture
console table for hallway
paint built-in cabinet in the study

They're probably not all doable in the next five days, but I'll see what I can do and keep you posted! Along the way I've also been doing some random projects that don't really deserve blog mention, but contribute to the overall livability of our home (like a new speaker set-up for our TV and a new printer complete with wireless configuration to our various computers).

The other home-related project I've been working on is a complete inventory of our apartment, including pictures and receipts where possible. We have renters' insurance in case of damage, theft, etc, but in order to actually file a claim we'd need to have pretty detailed records and proof of our belongings. We've had the insurance for over three years, but I'm just now getting my act together with the inventory. I highly recommend insurance for anyone who rents -- ours is $145 a year, and would help cover any losses from theft, fire, water damage caused by our apartment, etc. We haven't needed to use it yet thank goodness, but you just never know. AND, it was very easily transferrable when we moved a few years ago, so you shouldn't let the fact that you move frequently deter you!

Now, without further ado, here's me organizing my filing cabinet:
(That red file folder on my lap is how I was previously storing my important documents. New filing cabinet = significant upgrade.]

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