Saturday, January 25, 2014

Homemade Christmas Part VI: Infinity Scarves for Everyone!

The final post in my DIY Christmas series!

For some of the fashionable ladies in my life (my stepmom, mother-in-law, and sister-in-law), I decided to make simple infinity scarves. This was a very straightforward project, though it does require a sewing machine. I was able to use just 1 yard of fabric for each (~60 inches wide if possible), and I picked fabric with some stretch and softness. I got the fabric at a fabric store near where I live -- the selection wasn't as wide as I'd have liked (though I do love what I picked out for each of them -- I think they fit their individual styles well), but later I found that has a really good selection of stretch knits so that's a good option for the future.

For each scarf, first I folded the fabric lengthwise with the right sides facing each other (so the wrong sides facing out). Then I sewed a straight seam along the raw edges, leaving me with a tube of fabric.

(This really helpful photo shows what fabric being sewn looks like...)

Then I turned the tube right-side-out. This next part is the trickiest (though not hard at all) and also a bit tricky to explain, but here's my best shot: take the two ends of the tube, and sew them together. If you imagine the openings at the ends as two circles, you're essentially placing the edges of the circles up against each other and then sewing down the matched up edges until you have just a few inches left (you can't sew all the way around because the circles have to be a little open for the sewing machine to reach the seams). Then just use a simple hand stitch the close the opening.

And that's it! Here are some shots of the scarves in action:

My sister-in-law (sorry for the candid photo, Maddie):

My stepmom:

I forgot to get one of my mother-in-law, but the fabric in the sewing machine picture is what I used for hers. And then I got a bit obsessed and bought more fabric from the internet to sew some for myself and a few friends with birthdays.... Here are two I made for myself (not exactly the Christmas spirit -- but at least I gave gifts that I would be willing to wear myself!).

I never quite know how to wrap scarves, so for me an infinity scarf is perfect because it's so easy!

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