Saturday, August 4, 2012

Vacation part 1

The first part of my travels was a week in upstate New York with Sam and some of his family. Just thought I'd share a few photos, since I'm sure you're in blog withdrawal :)

Our plane from Boston to Saranac Lake. It seated 10 people, including the pilot. I knew things were going to get terrifying when they not only weighed our luggage but also asked our body weight, then loaded us into specific seats based on our size. Apparently small people sit in the back.

The guy in the white shirt diagonal from Sam is the pilot. The guy sitting in the "co-pilot seat" is just another passenger. 

A view of Boston from the air. Our "cruising altitude" was 8,000 feet (commercial jets typically fly at 30,000 - 35,000 feet). I found that taking pictures, coupled with a hefty dose of anxiety meds, helped keep me calm.

Our home sweet home. We bought the sign for Sam's mom as a Mother's Day present -- Janderruth is the name I coined for the Johnson-Anderson-Ruth clan back when Sam and I first started dating.

Here are some of the things we occupied our time with:

Shooting cans on the roof of the boat house with a BB gun

Enjoying the magical lakefront view

Reading and critical thinking

Relocating the boat dock to a more usable location

Eating at an amazingly retro local diner, and consuming more creemees (that's soft serve ice cream, for you non-Vermonters) than any one person should eat in a week-long period. I snapped some photos for inspiration in my kitchen decorating efforts. Also, there seem to be creemee stands everywhere, I'm so jealous and don't understand the lack of soft serve (frozen yogurt does NOT count) in Massachusetts.

(This sign does not lie)

Digging out the septic tank when we discovered that it was completely full, and then crowding around to watch it get pumped out. Sam and his brother are heroes for their digging efforts.

But of course all that pales in comparison to what I did on August 1st

Yep, it was a pretty eventful trip! I'm feeling incredibly excited, blessed, grateful, and pretty much every other positive emotion you can think of. Now I'm off to Alaska for a week with one of my best friends, while my fiance (!!!!!) heads back to Boston. I can't wait to see what the 49th state has in store!


  1. Wait, what? Sam has BB gun skills?!!! Why was I never told this? I have rabbits in my garden that I need his ... expertise ... to deal with. Seriously.

    (And once again, CONGRATULATIONS, you two!)

    1. This was Sam's first foray into BB gun shooting, so we never knew of this hidden talent. Now we can unleash his skills on your garden. Isn't that what son-in-laws are for? :)