Thursday, June 28, 2012

Not claiming credit for this one...

I really like living in an old house, because it feels like it has a lot more character than a generic apartment unit. In my opinion, that more than makes up for the age-related flaws (see post about getting locked in our bedroom, for example). As a complement to my bedroom light fail, I thought I'd share one of the favorite features of our apartment. Every time I think about how to upgrade the light fixtures in the bedroom, kitchen, and front hall, I wish I could replicate what we already have in our living room and study. 

The photos don't fully do them justice, but they're these great glass fixtures with lovely ceiling medallions.

Here's the one in the living room:

And in the study:

At night they give off a nice warm glow (which looks less warm in this photo, and more ominous):

Mmmm, I love them. So I have to keep up the standard of overhead lighting in this apartment for any of the updates I do in the other rooms of the house!

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