Saturday, April 7, 2012

Game on

Many people remark how laid back our landlord must be to let us paint so much in our apartment. Yes...well...about that.... See, I didn't want to ask for permission the first time we painted (our bedroom), because I figured it was very unlikely he'd notice and we'd just paint it back before moving. And then I didn't want to ask any of the subsequent times, because what if he said no? Then the existing painting would be in direct violation. Better to just proceed without an explicit "yes" or "no"....

But my next project involves painting a part of the house that's very difficult to conceal: the front hallway. And since our landlord does stop by from time to time (he lives next door, and does most maintenance work himself), it didn't seem crazy to think he might encounter the hallway at some point before we move. So I finally screwed up the courage to ask him about painting, but I did it in the context of renewing our lease for another year so I felt like I had at least a little leverage (especially since we'll be going into our third year -- not unreasonable to argue that we'd like to do some freshening up of the paint). So yeah, we'll be living in this place at least through summer 2013. Exciting!

WELL, I got pretty much the best answer ever:

"I'm ok with you painting any rooms. As long as the color is not pink or very dark colors. If the colors are neutral enough there will be no need to paint back to white."

Hence the title of this post: game on. So much to paint, so little time.

Today it was off to Home Depot to pick up the supplies for the hallway project that I can't buy at the local hardware store. When I post about the final result, I'll talk more about the excitement that was Home Depot, mostly as a vehicle to brag all about my amazing boyfriend who chauffeured me on this excursion. Too bad for you there's only one Sam Ruth, and I've already claimed him.

Anyway, I worked on it for a few hours today but it's going to take me a few more solid blocks of work to finish it. In the meantime, I bet you can't guess what I'm doing based on the tools I've used so far (and yes, this is what it looks like when I'm in the middle of a project...materials scattered all over the floor):

Handsaws, miter box, sandpaper, nail punches.

Another saw, another nail punch, level, hammer, box of nails, mallet, scotch tape, trash can, measuring tape, pack of gum, long slat of wood. (One or more of these items may be unassociated with this particular project, and just happen to be lying on my hallway floor.)

And of course, there will be paint involved at some point.

I hope I'll get it done soon and not leave you in suspense too much longer!


  1. Are you doing something with the moulding or the trim? And what's the large triangular piece of metal in the second shot. (It's clear to me that you have made serious upgrades in your toolbox!!!)

    1. You may be onto something there, Dad...

      That piece of metal is another blade for my saw set - basically I have one handle and then three different blades I can attach depending on what I'm doing. BUT, it's not the most quality tool. I have to imagine there are handsaws out there that cut wood better than these ones do, or else people would have given up on sawing eons ago. Fortunately I did most of my cuts (and by "I" I mean "Sam") at Home Depot.

  2. Can't wait to see it!! I'm glad your landlord was agreeable ... he has kept his tenant happy plus he is getting some nice enhancements in the process! Win win!!