Thursday, September 5, 2013

How much DIY art is too much?

For some finishing touches on the kitchen, I wanted to rearrange our appliances to open up the counter space a bit as well as add some new art. First, I relocated the microwave from the counter next to the sink to a small table next to the stove, and the toaster oven from sitting on top of the microwave to the kitchen table. It isn't an ideal location, but it does help add a fair amount of counter space and showcase the backsplash more, so it seems worth it.

Then I wanted to move the wine glass rack that was above the kitchen table. Here's a grainy iphone picture from last year that I dug up showing the rack:

We actually use stemless wine glasses on a day-to-day basis that we keep in the cabinets, so the additional wineglasses only get used when we have company. I decided we didn't need to have them take up space out in the open anymore, but our cabinets are pretty full so I relocated the wine glass rack to the built-in bar in the study. It makes more sense to keep wine glasses there anyway. I had a rack for wine bottles on the bottom shelf previously, but we didn't use it much because we usually only buy one bottle of wine at a time and then we drink no need for wine storage. The wine glass rack was a natural light wood color, but I decided to paint it using the same gray paint I used on the built-in bar just to help it blend in more, then screwed it into the wall at the back of the bar. Here it is now:

Then for above the kitchen table, I bought a canvas on sale at Michael's to paint. My recent painting projects have all been somewhat abstract because I don't have the strongest art skills, but I decided to try something a little different for the kitchen. A lot of kitchen art strikes me as kind of corny, but I searched for inspiration online and found some prints of the Cathrineholm line of kitchenware that I really liked...simple and midcentury (to tie into my retro color scheme), not too cutesy.

(from the Etsy shop handz)

I decided to try my hand at painting a single piece of kitchenware using just a few colors and a dark gray background to make it pop against the light blue walls. I also painted the edge of the canvas black to give it a more finished look. Here's what I ended up with:

Okay so it's not exactly a masterpiece, but I actually like it quite a lot for the space. Here it is in place above the kitchen table:

I've done more painting in the last few months than anytime in the past ~18 years (I used to take art classes as a child, but my skills didn't exactly progress). It's been a lot of fun albeit a challenge for my fine motor skills and creativity.

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