Wednesday, April 24, 2013

No more chocolates and flowers...introducing OOPS!

Hi folks! I'm using this post to announce something unrelated to interior design, but related to DIY more generally: a DIY product/business I've been working on with a team for a school project! The product is called OOPS!, and it's a humorous personal care line for people looking to cheer up a friend who has recently experienced a break-up, bad date, or other "misadventure" in romance. With products like "Good Riddance Shampoo: Wash That Man Right Outta Your Hair," the line is intended to bring humor to the uncomfortable, embarrassing, and sometimes painful situations that are an all-too-common part of dating and love.

We've been working to develop the concept and design over the past months, and are excited to announce the launch of four products:

- Good Riddance Shampoo: Wash That Man Right Outta Your Hair
- Unentangled Conditioner: Smoother Than He Was
- It Happens Body Wash: Wash Mistakes Away
- Self-Respect Lotion: Apply Liberally and Let Sink In



In addition to the front design, we also created humorous back labels for each product.

Check us out at to learn more and even place an order if you're so inclined!

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