Thursday, October 11, 2012

To tide you over...

A new project post should be coming soon, and no one is more excited than I am. At last, some time for apartment TLC! You might think I should be studying for my midterms, but I say that a little time for some DIY fun will help me when it comes time to focus for exams. I might be deluding myself, but it's a wonderful delusion....

In the meantime, you might be wondering why my Columbus Day weekend wasn't jam-packed with apartment projects. Well, here's why:

Yep, my second half marathon! Not sure what happened, but apparently distance running has me hooked. And how lucky am I that my fiance and my dad are in on it! I'm so proud of my dad for completing his first half marathon, and I'm pleased to report that I beat my goal time of 2 hours (as did Sam). What a perfect way to spend a beautiful October morning. (Note that we're still standing, unlike some of the people behind us...but I don't blame them, 13.1 miles will take it out of you!)

With that goal accomplished, I now turn my attention to the DIY to-do list. Tomorrow involves a long-awaited trip to Home Depot and this weekend I hope to complete a project that I've been dreaming of for awhile. Hopefully I'll be updating you soon!

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